Shipping and Delivery

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What items do I need in order to get delivery?

You will need the following in order to be able to receive a delivery order

  • A valid Arizona ID (acceptable forms of ID see below)
  • A valid Arizona medical marijuana recommendation (Need a recommendation? Get one for $99 Click here.)
  • A valid phone number which can receive calls and texts
  • Form of payment (cash) or a Hypur account
  • A browser to access AZNS Delivery, we suggest using Google Chrome because it’s the most compatible with our service.
  • MJ Now can only accept the following forms of identification:

    • A valid US state issued driver’s license
    • A valid US state issued identification card
    • A passport from any country (only if legible in English)

    Contact us here if you have any questions.

What is the age requirement to order MMJ delivery?

You must be 18 years or older to order

What hours do we delivery?

We accepts orders from (11AM to 8PM Arizona time). Please visit our delivery range page here for zip codes we currently deliver to. More questions? Feel free to contact us here

Submit a request (email address, subject, your message, type of issue)

What is MJNOW? How does it work?

Great questions.

MJNOW partners with the best dispensaries near you to provide cannabis, edibles, concentrates and more delivered straight to your door.

  • Sign up here for an account
  • Upload your Arizona ID
  • Type in your address and browse the menu
  • Order products you prefer
  • Relax; your delivery is on its way!

That simple.

Give us your feedback here. We’d like to hear from you!

What if I don’t have a smart phone, can I still order?

Yes – of course. You’re able to order on any device with an internet browser by visiting AZ Natural Selections Delivery.

Where do we deliver to?

We currently delivers to the Phoenix metro-area. To find out if you are in our delivery area, visit here to see if your zip code is in our delivery range.

However, if you aren’t in the area we service, please contact us here with your zip code. This will allow us to determine the closest area where you can receive our delivery. We appreciate the support and will continue to expand our delivery zones in Arizona and other states, so stick with us!

My order was canceled, why?

Ah – We are sorry to hear your order was canceled. Our mission is to complete every order, but some factors can get in the way. Please take a look at some possible reasons as to why your order was canceled:

*Let’s work together to prevent this from reoccurring.

  • The driver was unable to locate you at the delivery location
  • Be ready. Drivers can arrive shockingly fast, so always be ready at the location you input before place an order.
  • Your driver couldn’t reach you upon arriving to your delivery address.
  • Drivers will contact you via phone when they arrive to your location, so please ensure that your contact information is current and you have enough juice to receive calls and texts during delivery.
  • The location for delivery you input was different than the location you were at.
  • It happens. Please always double check the delivery info before placing an order as the driver CANNOT leave the product anywhere except in your hands.
  • Car issues or other unanticipated interference’s have prevented the driver from completing your request.
  • Some elements are out of our hands and we may have to cancel a delivery from time to time. So, the most logical way forward here is to wait until you are ready for another delivery…. And place a new order!

Please send us a message here if your order was canceled and you were not informed. We will look further into this and get back to you in a timely manner.

Can I get a delivery outside of Arizona?

MJ NOW only operates in Arizona and does not ship or deliver any products elsewhere. Stay tuned.

How easy is it to navigate the menu?

Very easy. Our menu is broken down into product groups, such as Flowers, Edibles, Concentrates, Vaporizers and more. You’ll notice the colors on each item indicate the type of stain: Sativa, Indica, Hybrid or CBD.

Tap the product groups to move to that part of the menu and then filter down to a specific strain type. When tapping on a specific item you’ll then notice a display with more details and product description.

Our menu only displays products that are currently available for delivery in your area. Which means you may see menu changes as we add products. Our goal is to ensure accurate products that you are able to purchase and receive immediately.

Items may no longer be available, so please check again later as it should reappear on the menu.

How can I place an order?

First, thank you for using our service.

To place an order make sure you’ve signed in and your account MMJ state issued ID card has been verified.

You can browse the menu here: here. Select products and quantity of each product that you want and click add to cart.

When you’re ready to check out click the cart icon in the top right part of the web page, once in your cart click ‘Check out’. Fill in your customer information then click ‘Continue to shipping method’, on the next screen click ‘Continue to payment method’.

Finally click ‘Complete order’.

What happens if I am missing an item in my order?

We are sorry to hear that you are missing an item in your order. We’d love to make this right for you. Please contact us here with a brief description of the issue and we will find a quick fix for you.

What can I do if I receive a broken or defective item?

We are sorry to hear that you received a broken or defective item in your order. We’d love to make this right for you. Please contact us here with a brief description of the issue and we will find a quick fix for you.